‘Lunch & Learn’ for professionals who want to increase their knowledge of domestic abuse

Employer funded* ‘Lunch and Learns’ are a great way for employees to be introduced to the awareness of domestic abuse and how it is no respecter of age, race, class or gender…

This will give your colleagues a chance to listen to a survivor who suffered 18 years of domestic abuse and survived an attempted murder. This will be followed by a ‘Q & A’ where you will have the opportunity to ask those vital questions and take away the  awareness of how easy staff can become caught in a domestically abusive relationship.


Email for details - rachel.williams@sutda.org

Session feedback

Rachel’s session was extremely powerful and I like her use of materials – video etc - albeit that they were very harrowing. Rachel came across as a wonderful advocate for her area, confident, knowledgeable of the whole subject not just as an expert by experience, she really made me want to do something positive, which can be tricky when we have so many areas to tackle and competing for our attention. It was a great session.

Very powerful

Incredibly fortunate to hear her personal story

Left us all with lots of think about

For us as an RMB we need to/action the so what/what next i.e. we heard her powerful story and then went onto the next session so some time to reflect on what she said and what actions we might take in response would have been helpful.

I found Rachel’s session excellent, really engaging. Though, I wonder about the relevance of it to RMB, perhaps if we’d had more time to discuss afterwards and think about what we might do differently in consideration of it?

Stand up to Domestic Abuse 2019