We are all survivors of domestic violence, it affects our lives and the lives of our children. Individually our stories are unique but we are united in our determination to make a change.

Since speaking out about our abuse many people have shared their experiences with us. One story we hear time and time again is of ex-partners breaching their licenses or restraining orders. But when the breach is reported to the police often nothing happens. The perpetrator does not face consequences and is not arrested.

That’s why we’ve started this petition calling on Theresa May to review licenses given to perpetrators of domestic violence, and make sure victims are protected.

When you report domestic violence to the police and a partner is convicted, you should be confident that you will be protected from them. The power of arrest should mean the power of arrest and as a matter of priority. If a perpetrator breaks their license and contacts their victim, they should know without a shadow of a doubt they will be arrested. Or if they breach any of the restrictions listed added to an order / license they should be held accountable as stated and signed by the judge, again as a matter of priority.

People who have experienced domestic abuse should not have to live in fear for the rest of their lives.  

When Theresa May was Home Secretary she often spoke up for the rights of victims of domestic abuse. Now she is Prime Minister we hope she will stand up for us once again and use her authority to carry out the reviews necessary to make sure the system works for victims of domestic violence and that the laws set are upheld.

Please join us & sign our petition! We believe with a united voice we will be heard. We will keep shouting until we see change. Let’s put an end to domestic abuse, we owe it to the next generation, our children and our grandchildren. 

By Rachel Williams, Mandy Thomas & Becky O’Brien